FNGLA trade shows

TPIE 2017

Are these orchids blue or purple?
This supplier displayed their various foliage and succulents, all unrooted.

The Tropical Plant Industry Exhibit in Ft. Lauderdale had much to brag about. Here is a braided sansevieria floating in mid-air. How about a box of bugs? These green lacewings will devour other plant eating insects. Does your hanging basket twirl? These new dwarf bougainvilleas do.

Note: These tillandsias are displayed on a wire rack. No soil.
More succulents appear each year. More than a fad: A trend.
Aechmea ‘America’ looks like a variegated Blue Tango.
Tillandsia ‘Samantha’
Dieffenbachia ‘White Blizzard’

By Bob Cook

Member of the Florida Nursery Grower, Landscape Association.
Certified Horticulture Professional.

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