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Vegetable Gardening in Naples

300 people on a Thursday morning
300 people on a Thursday morning

Thanks to the Collier County Master Gardeners for the opportunity to talk about my favorite topic: Growing vegetables. Like last year this program attracted a large crowd that fit comfortably in the sanctuary of Unity church.

Most of the audience were experienced gardeners from outside Florida and wanted to know when, how and where best to grow their favorite veggies. Their timing was excellent because now is when to plant the second crop (to follow the October planting).

I concluded the talk with a salsa tasting. I made a large batch of mild, a medium bowl of spicy and one of green made from tomatillos. Students from Lorenzo Walker culinary school were there to see how the locals turn produce into to food.

'Flexum' starts ivory-green then ripens orange to red.
‘Flexum’ starts ivory-green then ripens orange to red.

New Plant Book!

I thought my library of about 200 plant books was enough. Then my friend Cullen Walker (owner of Work a Holics Landscape Management, Naples) suggested I get this one. “Landscape Plants For South Florida” edited by Dr. George K. Rogers. It’s an excellent addition because:
1. It has 500 pages, almost every one with color photographs.
2. These are south Florida plants. Granted, they are from S.E. Florida but I have seen most of these in S.W. Florida. If I get excited about a new plant I read about I don’t have to go to Fiji to see one.
3. It is well written. Dr. Rogers explains how to pronounce the scientific names of thousands of plants, tells where the names come from, then suggests landscape uses.

Just when I thought the internet was going to replace books comes a valuable, tangible resource.

P.S. I love the smell of fresh ink.