The Lorax Puked (Bad, Sad Trees)

I was stunned and saddened by the number of mangled Florida Live Oaks surrounding this (unnamed) business in Naples. These trees might have been planted correctly, then staked, and then guyed with wires wrapped in hose. But that was seven years ago! Stakes and other supports should be removed within six months after planting.

Nearly every one of the trees has wire and hose deeply embedded into their trunks. Sometimes the tree swallows the objects, sometimes major branches die, sometimes the wind blows and the head falls off at the rotten spot.

Wouldn’t the landscape maintenance company bring this to the attention of the owners? Ever?

It’s too late for wire cutters. Most of these trees require surgery to prevent strangulation.

Remember Dr. Seuss’s Lorax? “I speak for the trees.” If that little critter saw these trees choking from bondage he’d have a seizure.