Grapevine Murals

Hand-rubbed urethane gives it a semi-gloss finish.

A blank canvas is inspirational. And so is a blank wall. These two walls that flank the baptismal pool at our church just call out for artwork. We have used these walls to hang silk flowers and now use this space for seasonal banners. I imagined what would look good there, not distract from the pulpit but draw attention to the messenger and the message, and tie in the existing elements.

The sanctuary is decorated with stained glass windows on the side walls and the woodwork near the pulpit features a grapevine motif. Perfect: One of my favorite sermons of Jesus is John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches.”

Painting a parable is unnecessary. The illustration has already been described by the greatest Teacher. But I wanted to show the beauty of the vine, the variety of fruit, the stub of pruning, and overshadow it with the cross.