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Tomatoes and Seed Sources

Here is the most popular vegetable grown in American gardens. I love the variety of tomatoes available to us gardeners by seed. It’s nice to see growers now responding to the demand for more flavorful tomatoes available by plants. I’ve seen ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Cherokee Purple’ plants at local building supply stores. But you’ve got to at least visit the websites of these seed suppliers for mouth-watering selections: Full of color and detailed growing information. Many flowers too. Widest variety of sunflowers I’ve seen. All organically-grown seed source. See Burbank Red Slicing tomato, bred by Luther Burbank…it is packed with amino acids. Fort Myers, Florida-based company with a huge range of tomatoes and peppers. Heirloom vegetables and flowers. Extraordinary selections from Russia, Mexico, etc. The best. A dizzying array of types and top quality planting bulbs. Consider hard-neck types for flavor. Sweet onions. For us Floridians, plant the short-day types. Dwarf and heirloom tomato seeds, much more. How about a black tomato? Or Chinese Red Meat radish?

Flower Seed Sources The best value and high quality.

green wall

Green Wall from Pallets

I wanted to hide our trash cans along the narrow side of our home. Rather than a fence I tried my hand at making a green wall from recycled pallets.
I used new landscape timbers set in concrete as posts. Then framed the top and bottom with new 2×4 and 2×6 lumber.
Better systems use integrated irrigation by I like to hand water everything. So once a week I take out the garbage and water the wall.

San Carlos Park Elementary school garden

School Garden Update

The garden at San Carlos Park Elementary looks great. The teachers and students are doing an excellent job of weeding and watering their crops.

garden bench woodworking

Park Bench Makeover

Two benches facing the pond at our church were weather-worn and in need of repair. The wrought iron had pitted and rusted and the boards had rotted through. I took them back to my driveway workshop for rejuvenation.