FNGLA Royal Palm Chapter University of Florida

FNGLA Annual Convention

Sunrise over the Atlantic ocean.
Standing room only audience of over 150 people from around the state.
Wendell Butler Award and other plaques to recognize award winners.
View from the 7th floor of the B Ocean Resort, Fort Lauderdale.
Crab races at the Hospitality Suite.
Phil Buck, President, Royal Palm Chapter gives $2000.00 donation to the University of Florida toward research.
Four other chapters donated too. Dr. Jack Payne gives us an update about funding cuts.
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Florida Flower Trials 2017

What sort of person goes to Epcot, only takes pictures of plants, then leaves with a smile on his face? Any attendee at the Florida Flower Trials last month in Orlando, Florida.
This annual gardening exhibit is sponsored by the Florida Nursery Grower Landscape Association (FNGLA) Floriculture Division. The purpose is to encourage plant breeders and growers to bring to the table some of their new introductions for us in the horticulture business to admire and evaluate.
There were three locations in Orlando where these various plants were grown: Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Walt Disney World’s nursery, and Harry P. Leu Gardens. Here are some of the outstanding sights and plants, by location.

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Chest of Drawers

A jeweler I know needed to organize her many creations so I made this towering chest of drawers. The top part has three sides, screened, where she can hang earrings. The bottom part has ten shallow drawers for bracelets along with two deeper drawers for other storage.