Don’t listen to the gardener. Listen to the shopper.

White Ami majus and pink snap dragons.

Every year I look through the pile of colorful seed catalogs and order new vegetables for our garden. My wife also looks through the flower sections and points out plants she would like us to grow. Then I discourage her with wise comments like “No, that’s a zone 5 plant. No that’s a biennial. Oops, wrong time of the year.”

This year I apologized for putting on the brakes and gave her free reign. With glee, she picked plants I would never have considered growing. When the fat envelope came in the mail I was surprised by 10,000 seeds! If you know seeds, that’s not pounds but ounces but still one seed  grows one plant. I planted a representative from each packet…and we have the most colorful back yard we have ever had.

Here are a few vases of flowers cut from our jungle.

White Ami majus and pink snap dragons.
White Ammi magus and pink snap dragons.
Love in a Mist (niegela)
Love in a Mist (Nigella)
Ami, cosmos, niegela
Ammi, cosmos, nigella
Clerodendrum ‘Light Bulbs’ and African iris.