In Your Face Planters

I made the first “In Your Face Planter” because the area I wanted to landscape was full of tree roots and it was below the view from a deck. So I made a 3’x3′ box, 12″ deep and mounted it on a pressure-treated 6″x6″ post, set in concrete. Problem solved; now we could see low growing plants at eye level, where no plants could grow before.

The next five planters I made were for a rocky slope where not even weeds could grow. Twice a year I change them out and plant them with seasonal bedding plants, vines and vegetables. Now these planters are popping up around my landscape like mushrooms.

Hanging baskets and window boxes serve the purpose of bringing plants closer to viewer. These planters do the same in a larger scale. Gardeners with bad knees no longer have to crawl around on the ground to tend their plants. These elevated planters are also wheelchair accessible if built at the correct height.