“I am too busy to get involved!

That was a frequent response to our request for people to join our FNGLA Royal Palm Chapter Board of Directors. A few years ago we might have had a different response. But many companies have reduced their staff to bare acceptable minimums, forcing the most productive people into long hours with little time off. One grower of a large, woody nursery has been working seven days a week for months. He is grateful for the increased business but unable to hire new staff to pick up the slack. Two other experienced garden center principals (in Punta Gorda and Fort Myers) had the same spring flurry of business that demanded their full attention.

When asking a busy person to attend another 12 meetings per year, some people would answer “Come on. I have a family, outside commitments and if I am lucky, maybe get a vacation this summer.” Um, that describes every warm bodied horticulturist I know.

We appreciate the small group of men and women who said “Yes” to our invitation to serve and we look forward to assembling a new board for the next fiscal year.

Bob Cook, Chairman, Nomination Committee