Colorful Walls and Beds

Caladiums are at their peak season of beauty now. A typical hot, wet summer is ideal for these shade-lovers. Classic Caladiums has done a excellent job at planning, planting, and maintaining these plants to showcase their unique features.

Flower Trials FNGLA

Immersed in Color

The Florida Flower Trials were a beautiful learning experience. On Wednesday, May 15th, we started at the Orange County Cooperative Extension office in Orlando.

Surrounding the bedding plant trials were many other gardens;

Guest speakers continued to inspire and educate landscapers, growers and retailers;

Flower Trials Plant trials

Trials Pass with Flying Colors

American Farms in Naples runs new plant trials from numerous breeders around the world. They commit valuable production space and efforts to discover: How will they grow here, are they really improved, and lastly, do consumers like them? Here are a few outstanding plants from those trials that concluded in January, 2019.

My compliments to growers Justin Orion and Steffi Hugo and the many workers whose talents and labor go into producing this massive, beautiful crop of color.

FNGLA trade shows

Tropical Plant Industry Exhibit 2019

Once a year, for three days in January, people from around the nation visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida to see the natural beauty produced by local greenhouse and nursery growers. Over 200 vendors display their best under one roof for a tropical extravaganza.


Orange County Extension Office

While visiting the Florida Flower trials in Orlando we enjoyed the many gardens at the Extension office: Formal, vegetable, pollinator, wet/rain, dry, and native.





florida gardening Flower Trials FNGLA

Florida Flower Trials 2018

Two days, three locations and thousands of flowers. Once a year in May the Florida Nursery Grower Association sponsors the Florida Flower Trails. The purpose is to show industry professionals some new and improved flowering plants by breeders from around the world.  (Some introductions were from the Neatherlands and Australia).

The three trial grounds: U.F. Cooperative Extension office Orange County, Harry P. Leu Gardens. and Walt Disney World’s nursery.



January Color

January 1, 2018.  A walk around the garden today shows lots of color.

florida gardening flowers FNGLA

Florida Flower Trials 2017

What sort of person goes to Epcot, only takes pictures of plants, then leaves with a smile on his face? Any attendee at the Florida Flower Trials last month in Orlando, Florida.
This annual gardening exhibit is sponsored by the Florida Nursery Grower Landscape Association (FNGLA) Floriculture Division. The purpose is to encourage plant breeders and growers to bring to the table some of their new introductions for us in the horticulture business to admire and evaluate.
There were three locations in Orlando where these various plants were grown: Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Walt Disney World’s nursery, and Harry P. Leu Gardens. Here are some of the outstanding sights and plants, by location.

For more on this festival:

cactus hypertufa succulent succulents

Jelly Bean Box (Hypertufa Succulent Planter)

What fun, making a pot out of dirt. Actually hypertufa is a mix of peat, perlite, and cement but working with it is just like making mud pies. I went for the rustic look so I did not screen the peat, making it lumpier with some sticks. And I colored it “charcoal” to avoid the sidewalk-look. Click on each photo for details.

Florida Fruit pomegranate

Pomegranate Paradise

It’s a beautiful, fruitful day at Green Sea Farms in Zolfo Springs, Florida. Thanks to the owners, David and Cindy Weinstein, and the Florida Pomegranate Association for the luscious field day, Saturday, June 23rd.

Despite typical wet summer conditions we were able to enjoy educational talks about insects, diseases, fertility, irrigation, and the panoply of different pomegranates that can be grown in Central Florida. The highlight of the day was the walking, talking tour of the grove of over 120 varieties of this anti-oxidant fruit.