Garden Benches


Every garden needs tools and a place to store them. For the San Carlos Park Elementary garden I came up with the idea of combining a storage box and a bench.

Typical chair height for adults is 16″ but for children it’s 12″ so I made one for each size. The frame is pressure-treated lumber lined with T-11 siding, topped with tongue and groove cypress decking. The leaves are 3/4″ pine painted with acrylic.

I put these details here for two reasons: People go to the internet for inspiration and instruction. (What can I do…then how do I do it?) I hope this helps. Click on each photo for captions.

When the teachers and parents return this fall they may look at the handiwork and say “The second graders sure are talented here!” My desire is that a second grader looks at this creation and says “Hey, I could do that!”