Fall Tree Mosaic

I’m just getting started at making mosaics, an art form I’ve always admired. My wife and I took a one-night class at making mosaics out of glass so we could learn the basics of handling tools, cutting, and setting. Then I took an online class through Domestica, “Introduction to Mosaic Artwork” by Gary Drostle.

In this second creation I violated many rules of good mosaic making. The spacing between pieces is too close and there is no well-defined pattern in the leaves, but elsewhere. But it is a learning exercize that will make the next one better.

I found the autumn tree painting on line and is just what I wanted to use as a template. It has strong colors, definite shapes, and a nice composition. The finished size is 11″ x 14″.

I used the indirect method where you glue each tile, face down, onto the drawing on craft paper. Then, when finished you flip it over, and lay it into a bed of fresh tile adhesive. Then wet the paper, peel it off and let it set. Finally applying grout between the joints to make it permanent and waterproof.