Sticks and Stones

As a little boy, I would walk along a dirt road and discover an interesting rock, pick it up, admire it and put it in my pocket. Or when playing in the woods I’d snag a pine cone or a snail shell or a stick with an interesting knot. At the end of the day I’d empty my pockets and admire all these little, natural treasures. This work of art is an homage to people who do the same.

I found a few of the items in the woods here and there but other parts were discovered at thrift stores, wholesale suppliers, a gem dealer, a vegetation recycler, and a drained swamp.

The frame used to surround a mirror at a Habitat for Humanity thrift store. The 4′ diameter and architectural foam made it ideal for this installation. I build a sturdy foundation of 2″ pressure-treated lumber and anchored it with Tap cons into the concrete wall. The finished project weighs about 90 pounds.

This sculpture fills a large void on the north side of our home for us to see when coming and going. I hope it will make people stop and wonder. I’ll tie it into the landscape with plants soon.

Finished and hung.