This year I bought 36 large amaryllis bulbs from Van Engelen Inc., the Dutch bulb importer in Connecticut. My wife and I chose singles, doubles, miniatures, and Christmas blooming types.

I planted a few in our landscape and most of them in 8″ clay pots to give away as gifts. They all went in the ground on November 9th, 2020 and some began blooming as predicted in four to six weeks.

I grew them in full sun and watered them as-needed. To prevent any diseases I drenched them twice with Phiticide that targets the water molds and root rots. I also treated them once with Zerotol fungicide to prevent any leaf or stem fungus.

It’s now January 16 and several of these bulbs have sent up their second stems and are blooming again. I’ll plant them in the ground after blooming but these cool season-loving bulbs don’t usually survive our hot, wet summers.