Oak Ignorance

The line of live oaks on the left are planted along a parking lot under power lines in Cape Coral, Florida. Why?
The photo on the right is the same tree, in its mature size. This monster is in Jacksonville, Fl and is estimated to be over 200 years old.
Look it up in any plant book: the Live Oak will grow about 50′ high and 60′ wide.
Pruners can’t make up for ignorance. Why risk the lives of arborists every year by forcing them to prune these trees? May I suggest the one-cut pruning method at the ground level?

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  1. Ha. Great post. I guess arborists are a dying breed. Ive never understood the concept of clearing land for a housing development, then planting trees after the homes have been built. Why don’t they plan the houses to be built around the existing trees? Time and money I guess…

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