You Lie Like a Worm!


Worm-006I stopped at a garden center and saw a new display of worm castings for sale. I understand the value of adding fine textured organic matter to our poor soils, but there is no magic in these brown paper bags. The literature attached to the products contained outrageous claims and misinformation, like:

…”eliminates black spot” on roses. Wow, this I gotta see. Even persistent spraying with fungicides can’t promise these results.

They claim that chinch bugs “live in the thatch that is created by mowing”. No, thatch is the natural accumulation of living and dead material; clippings, stems.

The worst information referred to the sucking insect, palm scale, as a “harmful disease” that can be cured by spraying with worm tea.

Come on folks, if you have a good product, tell what it really does rather than generate falsehoods and fantasies.

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